Welcoming a New Year

This past year was a bit of a rollercoaster.  About two years ago I felt my life was truly perfect and it scared me.  I felt that it couldn’t stay that way forever and I was right.  However, I’ve come to find that what you think of, you attract. So in some way I almost brought in that wave of challenges, thankfully I didn’t drown in it.

My biggest learning experience this past year was getting over myself.  I had to let go of the past and things that were holding me back from continuing my future.  I had to accept what cannot be and what I cannot change and instead focus on what I have power over. I learned to stop comparing myself to other people, your journey is your own and you must learn to embrace it if you are to enjoy it.

I worked my business and immersed myself in caring for my team. We grew and grew together, we had our very high ups and some downs.  I think I exhausted myself at some point so my goal for this new year is to learn to balance my dedication and have more tenacity. I want to inspire others, not lead them.

I got tired of complaining that my clothes did not fit, of being annoyed over what a chore it is to get dressed when you don’t feel confident in your physical appearance. I was depressed and felt insecure and unattractive. I got sick of talking and thinking about it so I made the decision to do something about it.  I read over and over that trying diets and fads don’t work because they are temporary.  If you expect permanent results, you need permanent change.  It made perfect sense but the reality was that I wasn’t ready until I made the decision to make the change for good.

My goal this year is to keep going, to not lose track of what I’m trying to achieve and try to get my children involved in eating well too. Also, to not be one of those annoying people who always talk about how great their [insert preferred workout method]. Haha.

Our finances have been a challenge (to say the least) this past year.  I plan on building a budget and learning to stick to it, to really have a grasp on how much we spend and to start actively saving.

I want to be a better cook.  I enjoy cooking I just have to do it more often. I know this well help the whole saving money thing so it’s pretty important to me. Pinterest is really my friend right now.

My last goal is to be more kind.  Growing up in my family I was taught to always be on the defensive, to stick up for myself and never let anyone get the best of me.  It’s not completely bad in theory but I have a tendency to be mean. I need to learn to be more kind, to bite my tongue when it’s risking hurting someone I care about.

Most important of all, and I think this is my goal for every year, is to not repeat the mistakes of the year before.  Each year of our life is a learning experience but we can’t grow if we continue doing the same things (wrong) over and over.


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