Channeled Message 7-24-21 Aquarius Full Moon

With this full moon, allow things that need to be shed to come to light.

Acknowledge the shadow and integrate your story into one of wholeness. You may experience a paradigm shift, dear one. Be not afraid of the shadow as that is where your greatest lessons reside.

Who are you as a whole?
What life do you want to live?
Will you allow to be limited by fear?

We are headed into another time to reflect, to connect with the inner self. Take advantage of this period of introspection.
You have already begun to see the new world around you, one with more people
aware of themselves, of their abundance and voice. Are you listening?
Discern, what messages brought you here?
What are you taking away from interactions?

Triggering messages are meant to teach you. Do not fall into traps of circular thinking.
Remain expansive, always learning.

Open to new thoughts, new pathways of thinking and understanding.
Love yourself first so you may better love the other. Then acknowledge that there
is very little separation. We are all here for a purpose.

Find joy in your purpose, so you may easily share with the world.

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