Off to Kindergarten! Part 1

My daughter is on summer vacation, she gets almost three months before starting kindergarten. She can’t wait to get started but as the date approaches I find myself realizing more and more how fast time passes and I wish I had one more year with her at home.

Having a baby again has made me remember all the little things my daughter doesn’t need from me anymore. The nighttime feedings, the diaper changes, even dressing her are all things of the past. I look at cute little baby girl rompers and it makes me sad to think I don’t have a little girl to dress up however I want anymore. Now it’s all about what she wants to wear and with what shoes, this fashionista can never be swayed from her wardrobe decisions.

One of the funny things about becoming a parent is how you suddenly stop paying attention to how old you are getting because you are so involved with watching your children grow. Then one day, BOOM! Your baby is five and you’re five years older… when the heck did this happen?

Having two now, I appreciate each day a little more. I know the baby stage goes by in a flash. I don’t regret sleeping with a baby on my chest for the first two weeks, it just felt right. To carry that little person inside you for 9 months then have to lay them down in their own room right away feels strange.  I don’t feel bad that sometimes I neglect the dishes and moping to take my daughter out to play.  Those dishes will be there when I get back, that moment with my daughter will not. So what if money is a little tight ? I stay home with my kids, it’s completely worth the enjoyment of watching my daughter learn, grow and play and I don’t have to worry about someone else caring for my children. I am truly blessed with the opportunity to stay home and I know the next 5 years will fly by as quickly the last 5. I plan on enjoying my babies while I still can.

Stay tuned for my wave off of my ‘not-so-little’ little girl.

-the greenlatina

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