Intuitive Development

I was first introduced to Jo from Woke Studio through one of my favorite podcasts. She first went on the pod to discuss the Akashic records and her work within that space. I’d heard the word Akashic before but I had not taken the time to learn about the details behind it. The Akashic records are a collection of wisdom stored in the ether and have existed since the beginning of time. Jo is able to access your specific records and give insights on past lives and how past karma may affect your current life.

I booked a session with her right away and I was incredibly impressed with the experience. She incorporated numerology alongside the Akashic reading. I learned so much about myself, through numerology she explained my life path and my soul’s purpose. I loved Jo’s attitude on my development, she made everything feel easy and attainable. When I asked her about “blocks” she gave me her perspective on that idea, that blocks are not really a problem because it is all energy and it can easily be cleared or redirected, it’s all about your intention and determination.

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