The State of Dreaming: Dream Recall

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had dreams. It’s more often than not that I remember my dreams. I process a lot of my day, my stress, and my worries in my sleep. I think all of us do this but not all of us retain the information in said dreams. Some people don’t care to hear about others’ dreams, I’ve always liked hearing people’s dreams because I think I’m pretty good at breaking down the psychology behind them. My mom has always had prophetic dreams, she’s the reason I’ve owned a dream dictionary since I was a kid. She commonly has dreams about feces which always mean she’s getting money. She’s predicted pregnancies and accidents. She also dreams about different animals, it’s from her that I learned that snakes in dreams are a sign of gossip swirling around you.

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Channeled message 2/4/2021

The world is understanding and there is no point in remaining quiet, seek expression and you will find the community that will grow with you. When there is no existing community, you can create it. You’ve been given the tools, you know what to do with them as long as you do not hesitate and do not second guess yourself. Lean on your intuition. Your guidance comes from within and you are always supported, remembering more than learning. Learning and expansion will come from through the work with others, your minds together feed into the global knowledge. It is through love and togetherness that you will find the answers, healing collectively. Healing starts within yourself and expands out from there.

All experiences that seem painful are lessons, lessons lead to growth; do not fear the lessons. Judgement does not help anyone, the responsibility to judge does not fall on anyone. Judgement is projection from the ego. When you find yourself in thoughts of judgement return to love to find your center. Remember that we are all connected, we are all a part of love and therefor a part of each other.