CSA Tuesday: What’s in the Box? 7/31

I might be in over my head this Tuesday….

That’s a 12 lb. box of “free stone” peaches. Free stone means the pit comes apart from the fruit very easily so these are ideal for canning or freezing. I plan on making a peach cobbler (or two) and freezing the rest. I have a simple peach and spinach smoothie recipe I’ve been wanting to try.

The box itself is pretty much the same as it’s been the last couple of weeks except for the lovely addition of avocados. I’m making tri-tip tacos tomorrow night and some avocado sliced will be perfect to top them off. Any left over avocado will get incorporated into a smoothie… before you say YUCK…

My Brazilian friend got me on to eating avocados that way. In Brazil avocado is eaten more like a fruit, they make ice cream and smoothies with it. When she first told me about it I was a little hesitant about trying it but then she brought me some avocado ice cream and I was sold.

This big bag of corn came along too. I think we’ll stick it on the grill.

This melon kinda creeps me out.

This thing made its appearance this week too.

….In case there’s any concern of the peaches going to waste, I’m pretty sure he’s got it covered 😉

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