Cloth Diapering: Don’t be discouraged

It’s a common hurdle: you are considering cloth diapers for your baby and everyone you tell is unsupportive. You get comments like “really? 20 bucks says you don’t!” or “I had a friend who said that…” etc etc. First, try to understand that not all commentary is meant to be negative.

Your best friend can’t help it if all they’ve ever heard is someone thinking about doing it but then never going through with it.

I think it might be a chain reaction: one mom starts considering cloth then she mentions it to her husband or family and they think she’s crazy, maybe she is stuck on the idea and later changes her mind when she finds everyone thinks its too difficult, thereby discouraging her. The cycle of negativity may continue on and on.

I realized early on that the only person I needed to get on board was my husband, since we’d be doing the majority, if not all, of the diaper changes. When I told him I was considering cloth diapers and I reminded him how bad our daughter’s rashes were as a baby, he was pretty hip to the idea.

I mentioned to my mom who said “oh really? I didn’t know people used them anymore”. Being the well meaning mom that she is, She came back from a trip to El Salvador with some funky looking fabric for diapers to which I had to explain that the type of cloth diapers I was looking at are a little more modern.

As I kept on in my research, I then mentioned to a few family members about my idea. I got responses like “yeah right, that’s what I said and it never happened” or “well here’s a huge box of disposables for when you change your mind”. I also heard “I have a friend who said she was going to and never did…” Eventually I realized I would “not talk about it, just be about it”. I didn’t bring it up anymore. I bought my first set and shared them only with my mom who commented on how cute they were and how they didn’t look like she had expected.

It took me a few weeks to get into the groove of using nothing but cloth. Once I had made the switch 100% I never looked back. Now I stalk online diaper stores, cloth diaper Facebook groups and message rooms… I can’t get enough!

Don’t be discouraged in your decision to cloth diaper even if those around you are not supportive. Join one of the many cloth diaper groups online and surround yourself with like minded mommies and you’ll soon erase any doubts about your decision from your mind. It will feel great to know you proved the naysayers wrong.


Who needs pants when you have cute diapers?!

One Reply to “Cloth Diapering: Don’t be discouraged”

  1. great post! I went through the whole unsupportive comments from people before using them on my daughter but there was no way I was letting anyone sway me away from my decision. Almost been using them for a year and would never look back!

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