It Works! Body Wrap Review {part 1}

I recently learned about It Works Body Wraps through a parenting message board. The whole idea behind it is you can lose 2-5 inches (on average) with one application. I searched for a distributor in my area and found a good deal to try it out for myself. If I got 4 friends to try a wrap for $25 I would then get mine free. Free? I’m in!

My first concern was whether or not it is safe to use the wraps while breastfeeding. The lady I contacted did some research for me and found it is safe, as it will not get into the breast milk. I must just take precaution that none of the substance from the wrap comes in contact with my baby. No big deal.

Before I had the wrap applied, I had measurements taken in three areas: ‘top’ (high waist) , ‘middle’ (middle waist), ‘bottom’ (lower waist). The areas are marked with a sharpie so I can accurately remeasure myself over the next 72 hours. Then the wrap was applied and covered with plastic wrap to help keep it in place. The wrap has a strong minty smell, like a bio-freeze or icy hot and gives you a tingly feeling like tea tree oil. I was told to drink lots and lots of water. The more water your drink, the more you lose. After 45 minutes the plastic wrap was removed and my measurements were taken again, I lost 1 inch off my ‘bottom’ area!

I’m keeping the wrap on overnight. I’m sitting her typing and my stomach is still tingly and I’m on my 6th refill of my water bottle. I’m excited to measure my results in the morning and let you all know how it went 🙂

Day 2:
I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was measure myself. I lost 2″ off my lower waist, 1″ off my middle, and 1″ off the top: 4 inches total!
I followed up my progress with my video workout and now I’m chugging away at my water bottle. The more you drink the more you shrink!

I’ll have my final results tomorrow 🙂

2 Replies to “It Works! Body Wrap Review {part 1}”

  1. did you have any problems with your nursling? I am worried to try one my ds is 16 months but still nurses 4-6 times a day.

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