Family Fun Friday

Let’s face it, as parents we tend to do activities that revolve around the kids. Yes, there are the few occasions when someone offers to babysit or you decide to get a babysitter for the night. All other times, going out means going out with the kids. I don’t believe in catering to kids and asking “where do you want to go?!”… because questions like that are attached to answers like “McDonalds!” or “Chuck-E-Cheese”, and if you have the nerve to ask a five year old that question, you probably deserve that answer.

Don’t get me wrong, I like taking the kids out for a good time. However, regardless of where we are going, I like to know that there will also be something enjoyable for us parents. If that enjoyable means good food, that’s all I need!

So the first on my list of things to do with kids that are still enjoyable for parents:

Check out your local farmers market!

One of our local farmers markets.
Lots of food vendors calling my name
Cal Poly Pomona’s produce stand

Cute succulents!

Miss Fashionista scoping out the cute clothes.
A beef tamale for my stepdaughter.

My little girl who is satisfied with just rice and beans.

I had every intention of sharing this Peruvian food with my husband… but it was too delicious to share :-/

The perfect way to end the night.

To find out the details on your local farmers markets go to

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