CSA Tuesday: What’s in the box? 7/17

This week was a great week for add ons.


If you could just smell the basil… It’s amazing! I’m making some homemade pasta sauce with it tonight. My husband will be lucky if there are any nectarines left when he gets home. Those radishes make me think of carne asada, ooh with some roasted corn. Okay, I need to stop before my mouth starts watering.


My add-ons were rolled oats {I’m working on new breakfast shakes}, Italian pork sausage, and almonds. I’m going to attempt making my own Almond milk. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes 🙂


10 Replies to “CSA Tuesday: What’s in the box? 7/17”

  1. Your box looks amazing! I’ve been thinking about making my own almond milk (and hopefully saving some $$ at Whole Foods) so I can’t wait to see how it goes!

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