The Language of Cloth Diapering

There is a lot terminology associated with cloth diapering. Here is a breakdown of common terms and abbreviations as they relate to cloth diapers:

AiO: All in one, a CD that is all one complete piece and does not require any extra parts. Requires a new diaper each after each change and takes longer to dry.

CD: Cloth Diaper.

Covers: a waterproof (PUL) diaper that is placed over fitteds/contoured/flat/prefold diapers.

Fitted(s): (or contoured) are commonly made of cotton,hemp or bamboo. They are secured with Velcro/Aplix or Snappis and require a cover.

Inserts: Commonly made of microfiber or micro fleece, used to stuff pocket style diapers.

Nappies: the Commonwealth English term for diapers.

One Size (OS): a cloth diaper that has a series of snaps and (sometimes) elastic, that are used to adjust the diaper into multiple sizes as needed. They are designed for use throughout the whole time a child is in diapers.

Pockets: CD style with a “pocket” that needs to be stuffed with an insert order to be absorbent.

Prefolds: (or Flats) old fashioned diapers made of cotton that require a PUL cover.

Prepping: the processing of preparing a CD before first use, usually a series of 4 wash and dry cycles (instructions may vary by manufacturers).

PUL: Polyurethane Lining, the waterproof fabric that makes up the outer layer of most cloth diapers, covers are made of this.

Repelling: when a diaper is coated (often with soap or diaper rash creams) and urine cannot absorb and therefore leaks. See: stripping.

Reuseable diaper: Another term for cloth diaper, used to disassociate from the ‘old fashioned’ idea of cloth diapers.

Snap-ins: a PUL liner that is snapped into a cover. Example: gdiaper brand diapers.

Sprayer: an accessory used to clean CDs, uses a special attachment to the toilet waterline and waste is sprayed into the toilet.

Stripping: the process of ridding CD of residue causing repelling issues. Sometimes done by boiling or a series of extra hot wash cycles or washing with Dawn dish soap.

Wetbag: waterproof bag used for soiled diapers while away from home.

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