Babies and Coconut Oil

One of the reasons I started using cloth diapers was because I was of the terrible rashes my daughter used to get with disposables. Upon learning the basics of cloth diapers, I also learned what is safe to use with cloth in case a rash appears: organic unrefined coconut oil.

Coconut oil has a very low melting point so it won’t coat cloth diapers causing them to repel. It is a great skin moisturizer and has tons of other uses.

You can cook with it (so delicious for popping corn), moisturize your skin and hair. It is good for treating skin rashes, stretch marks, and eczema. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties and I also good for your metabolism… Amazing! Personally, I used it to treat my baby’s cradle cap: I applied it to his scalp after each bath and brush his head with a cradle cap brush.

Regardless of whether or not you are cloth diapering, after learning so much about the benefits of coconut oil, I believe it’s a good idea to keep a jar of coconut oil handy. With so many possible uses, you’ll be finding yourself using it all the time.

A few tips on purchasing coconut oil:

Look for ‘Organic virgin unrefined coconut oil’. (refined is not recommended as it loses some of its beneficial properties in the process)

Depending on when and where you purchase it (temperature wise) the jar may be filled with a white waxy looking substance, that is coconut oil in its solid state. Otherwise, if it’s warm enough, it will actually look oily.

2 Replies to “Babies and Coconut Oil”

  1. I use coconut oil for everything! Even though my daughter is toilet trained, she still gets a bit of a rash sometimes, and she asks for coconut oil!

    1. I recently discovered my daughter is allergic to metals. A friend gave her a necklace and she broke out into a terrible rash around her neck. I slathered on the coconut oil after her bath and it cleared up right away.

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