Cloth Diapering: It’s not too late to start

Cloth diapering doesn’t have to start from birth or during the newborn stage. Maybe you’ve just gotten into the groove of being a mom and caring for a baby for the first time. Now that the overwhelming part is over, maybe you’re looking into what other moms are doing with their babies right now. Explore the world of cloth diapers, you might fall in love!

Beyond all the different types and styles of cloth diapers, there are tons of colors and patterns available. These aren’t you grandma’s diapers…

Bumgenius 4.0 Pockets

One Reply to “Cloth Diapering: It’s not too late to start”

  1. I like using my cloth nappies, although I don’t use them all the time. It is nice to know you are not adding quite so many nappies to another landfill site!

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