Spanish Quinceañera Invitations

I’ve been very busy this past week, brushing up on my graphic design skills, working on invitations for a friend of the family. I’ve found that the internet is highly lacking in information for proper wording of Spanish invitations both for quinceañeras and weddings. So I’ve decided to share my work with everyone to make life a little easier 🙂


This layout works well for weddings too, just change the wording a little to “… al enlace matrimonial de su hija [inserts brides name] y [insert grooms name]”.

I know some families have lots of godparents for quinceañeras, this format works if you don’t have tons of them. I think its a good idea to only list the main ones (Godparents of Honor) on the main invitation, if you have a lot of other people to add including a “Court” you may want to include a seperate card with this information. Also, church programs are a great place to provide that kind of information.

Once I am done with the whole project I will post the Spanish rsvp and reception card too. I really hope this helps someone out there!


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