Energy guzzlers I call children

It’s summer time! Hooray for swimming pools and summer vacation, right?

That is, until you realize you’re now home with kids ALL DAY and its too hot to go outside. So now I’m stuck with kids who can’t turn off the tv or any light they turn on for that matter. Now I’m starting to regret purchasing that huge LCD for the living room. To make matters worse, I have a 4 year old and an 8 year old who can’t agree on anything! Two televisions on simultaneously? I think not!

A few ground rules have been set:

  • If you leave your room, tv turns off.
  • You must take turns watching shows you BOTH like.
  • Blackout hour: tv turns off between noon and 2 p.m., this is time for chores to be done or until I can’t take the bickering/nagging/whining.
  • After 5 pm, out you go! (it can’t possibly be that hot anymore)

For the most part, I try to do most of the conserving. I spend most of my day making rounds around the house turning off unnecessary lights or electronics that may be on. I don’t watch any tv during the day. I limit my major appliance usage for after 6pm.

Also, I try to keep my little ones busy… be it a play-date at someone’s house, gymnastics, a few days with the grandparents (who have a pool!) or just a walk to the park. My current favorite is going to Chik-fil-A on a kids eat free night and letting them go to town in the play area.


What are your strategies for keeping kids busy and conserving energy during the summer?

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