Things you didn’t know you had learned from your parents

As a parent, I often wonder what things about me or my lifestyle will stay with my kids as they grow up.

Recently my 4 year old daughter has been running around with a doll in a stroller. Ever since her little brother made his appearance I have been worried of how she’ll be affected or if she will feel neglected. Thankfully, she is a resilient and intelligent little girl and I’m starting to see she’s going to be just fine.

My mom bought her a doll stroller and that’s how it all began. First she put her dolly in it, strapped her in and took her everywhere. This thing even came with a car seat so here came the dolly on the ride to and from school. One day I’m sitting on my sofa, nursing the baby, here comes my daughter with her dolly “oh, my baby is hungry too!” she declares. Then, she nonchalantly lifts up her shirt and puts her ‘baby’ to her chest. I couldn’t stop laughing.

A few days later she’s watching me put together my cloth diapers and she complains,” I need diapers for my baby too”. Being the softies that we are, we take a special trip to Target to find her baby diapers. Thankfully she’s playing with a ‘baby alive’ doll and they sell special ones for her.

After a few hours of being home, I realize we probably just wasted money on not just disposable
diapers but disposable baby doll diapers; she’s going to start throwing them away once they’re ‘dirty’. So I ask her where shes putting the dirty diapers to which she responds “right here in the washing machine” pointing to the dishwasher washing-machine-looking thing in her play kitchen.

I’ve taught you well young padawan.

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